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For the pleasures and beauty of water.

Complete your luxurious landscape with a pool and spa.

Unlimited potential.

Whether a vinyl or concrete pool, Roger Willis isn’t limited to a specific type. Rather, we listen to you, discerning what the best options are for your lifestyle. In fact, it’s what led us to develop what we call “hybrid pools,” which incorporate elements of both vinyl and concrete construction. We challenge the typical constraints of pools, with customizable stairs, beach entries and iridescent glass tiling.

Pinpoint precision.

For the scrupulous accuracy necessary for the most luxurious projects, Roger Willis uses a “cast-in-place” construction technique. This method is similar to how the foundations for houses, condominiums and skyscrapers are made.

Custom forms are filled with concrete and agitated for exact tolerances. The result is a pool that will stand the test of time.

Make the old new again.

Let Roger Willis breathe new life into your existing pool. If you have an older pool on your property, Roger Willis is one of the only contractors in the Ottawa region experienced in refreshing older pools, fixing deep structural issues or replacing equipment.

Beautifully lit. Efficient & automated.

Your pool will be designed with the environment in mind. Keep the water warm with insulated concrete forms, heat your pool with solar or geothermal energy, or light it efficiently with LED lights. Add in our automated covers and have your pool ready for enjoyment at the press of a button.

As for setting up the heating system? Roger Willis is the only pool contractor in Ottawa with licensed gas-fitters on staff.

Get access to our expertise in…

  • Vinyl & concrete pools
  • Infinity, knife-edge & perimeter overflow pools
  • Water features & fountains
  • Spas & hot tubs
  • Pool renovations
  • Commercial pools
  • Pool heating
  • Pool automation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Pool lighting

Limitless possibilities await.

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All-inclusive pool & spa care.

Let Roger Willis look after your indoor or outdoor pool and spa.

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